MaddyRedPen has been evolving at a rate of knots in 2013 and now incorporates a whole lot more than what started out years ago as a proof reading and editing service is now a wedsite-creating virtual assistant service, spreading enthusiasm about travel, weddings and blogging!

Coffeepot and cup
Always time for a cuppa…

Travel Blogs & Wedding Blogs – how did I get here?

The year of 2013 saw the launch of Paddy & Maddy’s Adventures which made the move from email PDFs sent from our travels around India to Blogspot in March, and most recently here to WordPress in September. I’ve often enjoyed leaning towards the gung-ho approach, and so it was that our adventures were made public.

My husband & I won a competition with the prize of a wedding photographer through a wedding blog called Under the Vintage Veil and it was here that my passion for weddings became clear. I wanted to share what I’d learned with others. You can read those pieces here and here. As a result, I love to help others with their wedding in a very clear and practical way.


Link Love

These websites inspire and support me.

Under the Vintage Veil * Condiments on a City Life * Rock’n’Roll Bride * Dooce * Crown & Glory * Everyday Clarity: A Daily Reader Positive News * Gala Darling * 20 Years Hence * Balanced View


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